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Employment Medical

Vitality Medical Solutions can prospective employees with complete physical examinations to ensure that they are medically fit for work. Such exams may include ECG, Vision, Pulmonary Function and audiology tests as well as their interpretation. The specific examinations and tests ordered will depend upon the employer, the candidate for employment and the position to be filled.


Vitality Medical Solution’s doctors and care providers are part of a network of medical professionals that can assist by providing third party assessments in the case of an “on the job” injury or other health concern. Injured employees’ charts will be reviewed by MDs to ensure that prescribed treatment plans and disability recommendations are appropriate and responsive, both to the injury and to the demands of the employee’s job.

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Vitality Medical Solutions’ doctors can provide IMEs for short or long term disability cases and in response to questionable disability rulings. Such examinations are used both to identify and isolate issues relating to disability case management and to assist in the development of treatment plans which lead the way toward the decision to allow an employee to return to work. IMEs may be based upon a complete medical assessment of the employee/patient or upon chart reviews. Employers should note that complete medical assessments are most usually required to make accurate medical diagnoses and conclusions as they relate to the decision to allow an an employee to return to work. Where a complete medical assessment is impractical, an IME may, in some instances, be based upon an in-depth chart review.

Occupational Profile

An Occupational Profile is an overview document which details the physical demands, the bona fide occupational requirements, the training/education requirements, shift details, work environment and risk level for each job task as well as a specific job description for each employment position. In order to develop an occupational profile, Vitality Medical Solution’s specialists will visit the employer’s work site and assess individual job tasks to provide a written summary of the specific demands being made by each job task. Those demands may include abnormal postural positions, strength and endurance requirements, power and cardiovascular fitness levels. Each of those components are assessed in a detailed, written Physical Demand Analysis (PDA). Once a PDA has been completed, our medical professionals can provide a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) of each employee, whether existing or prospective. Vitality Medical Solutions’ doctors to efficiently manage disability/return to work cases use PDAs and FCEs and to develop modified work plans, which are specific to each injured employee’s medically cleared capacities and job task demands.

Pre/Post Employment Assessments

Whenever an employer requires a medical assessment to be completed by a new job candidate or a current employee in order to assess whether or not that individual has the capabilities to meet or continue to meet his or her job demands, Vitality Medical Solutions can provide that assessment.

Employment Medical

For complete description see Medical section above.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

An FCE is based upon a customized test battery, which simulates the work actually completed while an employee is performing his or her job. Vitality Medical Solutions’ team members upon review of the existing PDA develop the test battery. The tests’ content is based upon the job tasks determined by that PDA to be necessary, most demanding and frequent and are based upon the physiological demands listed.

There are two different types of Functional Capacity Evaluations, which Vitality Medical Solutions can provide:

1) Employee specific evaluations that determine an individual’s maximal tolerances for strength, endurance, postural positions and cardiovascular fitness as each relate to the job task. Employee specific evaluations provide the employer with a complete assessment of an employee’s work related fitness. Such evaluations are ideal for employees who perform several job positions within a company, for contractors who routinely complete work which fall under several different job descriptions or for employees who are applying for a job position within your company.

2) Job task specific evaluations determine an employee’s specific abilities to meet job task demands for strength, endurance, postural tolerances and cardiovascular fitness within an identified job position. These evaluations are often specified for an employee who is already in a position or one who is applying to fill a pre-identified job position.


Work Hardening – Fitness Training

Vitality Medical Solutions offers a work hardening program for employees struggling to meet the physical demands of the job, part of an aging work force wanting to maintain/improve their work related fitness or returning from injury in need of improved work related fitness to get back to pre injury levels. The training sessions are specifically designed to build work related fitness that will improve job function, productivity, injury prevention and overall ease of performing job tasks. These sessions will involve a combination of exercises targeted to strengthen muscles used for the job as well as include job simulations tasks and targeted cardiovascular training practices.


Corporate Wellness

Vitality Medical Solutions offers packages of medical assessment and treatment services which may be offered to employees both in the field and in the office to help them improve their fitness for work, life and general health. These packages and individual services may be offered onsite or offsite depending upon the services requested and the employer’s onsite facilities. Vitality Medical Solutions’ team members are able to provide any combination of group fitness classes (great for lunch breaks), health/fitness information sessions, fitness assessments and fitness programming/goal sessions.


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