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Occupational Profiles

Are an overview document that combines the Physical Demand Analysis information with training requirements, shift details, work environment and a specific job description.

Physical Demand Analysis (PDA)

Is a basic assessment of the physical requirements for completing a job task. It involves taking basic measurements, such as weight lifted and carried and distance carried, and observing work being completed.

Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR)

Is an advanced assessment of the physical requirements for completing the necessary, most demanding and frequently occurring job tasks as determined by the PDA. Requires an in-depth physiological assessment of both the cardiovascular and strength requirements. Determining the requirements will involve two assessments one in a lab setting and one on site performing normal job tasks. The development of BFOR will meet all of the Government of Canada regulation regarding its development.

Pre/Post Employment Assessments

Are required assessments to be completed by new candidates and/or current employees in order to assess whether or not they have the capabilities to meet the job demands to ensure safe and efficient job performance.

Fitness Testing

Is a customized test battery that simulates the work actually completed during the job. The test will be developed to have content and construct validity based on, the job tasks determined to be necessary, most demanding and frequent during the PDA and the physiological demands determined during BFOR.

Corporate Wellness

Is a package of services that can be offered to employees in field and/or in office that helps them improve their fitness for work, life and health. These services can be offered onsite or offsite dependent on services requested and onsite facilities.

Fitness Monitoring/Assessments

Are tests to assess cardiovascular fitness and strength to determine employees starting point as well as monitor progress overtime. It is not a job specific assessment but rather a general fitness assessment. The exact content of the assessment will depend on the individual employee and what their goals are.

Body Composition Assessments

Are an assessment to determine both percent body fat and muscle mass. This can be used as a tool to monitor change overtime, as the scale doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. Involves skin fold measurements, pinching of the skin and fat, and girth measurements, measurement around limbs and different parts of the trunk.

Exercise/Fitness Program Design

Is an individualized fitness/exercise program based on the goals of the individual determined during the initial consult and progress being made as assessed during monitoring sessions. It can be structured for completion by the individual on his or her own or in a personal training environment dependent upon facility availability and service package design. Programs can be designed for lifestyle and health purposes or can be designed based on job requirements to insure the maintenance of capabilities required for on the job performance.

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